Vanilla Ice is Back!

Holy shit, Vanilla Ice is Back and he covers hip-hop classics. Though I am not ashamed to admit that “Ice Ice Baby” grooved me and I could still recite some of the tune’s rhymes. So when come across a “comeback” album for the Iceman, I couldn’t resist. I have to give the fake-ass wigger a spin.

“Ice Ice Baby” kicks off the album and the memories are all back. The catchy riff sampled from Queen’s “Under Pressure” is still contagious as hell. Although he has remixed that joint to death, the original version is still the illest. No one can take that shit from the Iceman. As soon as Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” comes on, I just can’t imagine what Chuck D would do when he listens to the record. The real jokes, however, are both the rock cover of House of Pain’s “Jump Around” and the jungle-fever rendition of Sir-Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.”

Although the Ice age has melted a long long time ago, Rob Van Winkle has yet to leave rap alone. And he knows damn well that the game doesn’t need him.