The Ring

I have been wearing my wedding ring on my middle finger instead of the appropriate finger. A guy at work once asked me why did I wear it on my middle finger as if it was my culture or something. I told him the stories that I almost lost it two times.

The first time was in Jamaica during our honeymoon. The other time was when I washed lettuces at home. The ring slipped off my finger and into the vegetable spinner. I didn’t notice it until I took a shower. Luckily I found the ring and to be safe, I put it on my middle finger temporarily until I get fatter. I have been eating much more these days to gain some weight on my finger, but it has yet to happen. Only my gut gets bigger.

I am going to need to go back to the shop and get it tightened up. It feels weird wearing it on my middle finger anyway. Until then, don’t be surprised to see my wedding ring on my middle finger.

Update: Dana reminded me to tightened up the ring yesterday while we were in Eden. It’s all good now.