Just Some Thoughts

Updates have been sporadic lately. I know I still owe you guys a review of the latest Paris by Night, but it won’t happen this time. I can’t concentrate on anything else right now, but closing out the house. It turns out to be the good time to buy. The house is still in decent condition and is located in a quiet neighborhood close to George Mason University.

I can’t wait to get the key to the place. I have already come up with all the colors I wanted to paint the house. Being a visual guy, I am trying to come up with one color for each room to spice up the place. Colors bring me vibes and emotions. So depending on my moods, I could stay at different room. When my boy grows up, I can just walk him around the rooms and teach him colors. So far my wife is the only one who supports my decision. My mom thinks that I will make the house lose its value even though I am not planning on reselling it anytime soon.

I am actually taking my mind of the damn house tonight to digitize my music collection. I just brought a 750G hard drive at Costco over the weekend. Between the new one and the old 500G hard drive, I am going to keep two copies of my music. If one decided to fuck up, I still have the other one. I’ll keep one at work and one at home. Why didn’t I think of this before? I am also going to make my boy listen to jazz when he comes out. Hope he’ll like it.

While going through my collection, I came across Operatica: Christmas Classics, an album Joseph had sent me a few years ago. The fusion between Opera and Electronica