Com Chay (Burnt Rice)

Before the electric rice cooker took over, the best part of cooking rice in a pot is the burnt layer at the bottom. All you need is some caramel sauce from the simmering fish to go with the burnt rice. Recently my mom brought back from Viet Nam some rather fancy version of com chay and I have been addicted to it. Can’t get enough of the crispy and crunchy burnt rice with a thin layer of shredded pork (thit cha bong) sprinkled on top to add a bit of sweet, spicy and salty taste to the rice. Unfortunately mom didn’t bring back much and she gave me only two paddies. I have been trying my hardest not to eat them all at once. Everyday after work, I would feel hungry and the only thing on my mind would be com chay when I get home. In fact I am munching on it now in the morning instead of cereal and milk.

Bonjour Vietnam