It’s a Boy

No surprise after all. The question keeps popping up from our family members and friends. Since this is our first baby, we figure we need the time to prepare. We went ahead and found out the baby gender today even though Dana and I saw the little boy in our dream.

It didn’t take the ultrasound technician very long to figure out the baby’s gender. His thing was displayed prominently. She even said, “He is showing off.” What can I say? That’s my boy. The kid is doing good weighting in at 10oz.

I was kind of worried because if you look at my wife, you wouldn’t know that she’s pregnant. Even her dad complaint that I better feed her right. He actually believed that all she is eating is instinct noodle. I wouldn’t blame him. I feel the same way when looking at her. Now this is what I call pregnant.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my cousin who is raising a beautiful boy shared with us some of the challenges she didn’t know about and no one told her until she had the kid. They sounded very daunting, especially in the first few weeks. I was there when Samantha was born, but I didn’t hold her until she was months old. I didn’t want to break her neck. I can’t even begin to imagine giving my boy a bath in the first few weeks. I am going to need all the mercy I can get.

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