I hate moving. With the help of my friends, we have moved three big truckloads full of stuffs for my sisters last saturday. The amount of supplies, including detergents, paper towels, toilet papers, she has bought could be used for the next ten years. I am still exhausted with a headache. I slammed my head into the garage top from coming off the U-Haul.

Let’s see how many times I have involved in a moving in the past year. Moved my mother from Poughkeepsie to Lancaster. Moved myself from Poughkeepsie to Springfield. Moved my wife from Wappingers Falls to Alexandria. Moved myself again from Springfield to Alexandria. Moved my sister in-law from Alexandria to Fairfax. Moved my sister. Soon will have to move mom to sister’s place. The final move (I hope) will be once we find a new place. Damn, I can’t wait for all the moving to be done and over with.