Xin Cho Toi

The special slideshow dedicated to the children of Agent Orange is finally released. The project, motivated by Dana to help raise awareness of the affects and donation for the victims, actually started back in July but was on hold due to the lack of imageries.

Although Justin Maxon was kind enough to allow me to use his photos, I didn’t have enough to complete the whole song. So I decided to work with what I have. The good thing about working with limitation is that I have to be precise when choosing a musical track to convey the message.

After going through my collection, Thuy Tien’s soul-searching rendition of Trinh Cong Son’s “Xin Cho Toi” stood out. The solo piano accompanying the painful but hopeful vocals sets the right tone for the photos. The lyrics of the entire song do not fit with content, but one particular part is spot on, so I decided just to use that segment.

Even though the clip is short, I am satisfied with the result. It’s concise and straight to the point. The music, the lyrics and the photos fit well together to bring out the message.