Misinformation Our Parents Read

After enjoying a gigantic bowl of Pho Time, I walked out the door and picked up a free Vietnamese magazine called Viet My to check out what it has to say about politic.

After flipping through twenty pages filled with ads, the first story titled “Barack Hussien Obama Voi Giac Mo Xa Hoi Chu Nghia Ngay Tai Hoa Ky” written by Ly Dai Nguyen. In the article Mr. Ly accused Obama of “wealth spreading” and linking his tax plan to the Vietnamese communist. The term he used is “Mancong Hanoi.” Mr. Ly argues that by helping the poor, Obama is destroying (“tieu diet”) the rich. I am not sure how much Mr. Ly is making, but if he writes this kind of article for this magazine, which distributes freely at every shop in Eden, I don’t think he could benefit McCain’s tax plan that favors the rich. Mr. Ly also pointed out that Collin Powell’s endorsement for Obama was simply because of their skin color even though General Powell had eloquently explained his support of Obama.

Another article by Tam Viet titled “Mot Loi Cong-Dao Cho Lien-Danh McCain-Palin” also criticized General Powell for endorsing Obama based on race. Mr. Tam first dismissed the Washington Post as untrustworthy, but then quoted the Post later showing the poll favored McCain even after General Powell publicly endorsed Obama. These guys has the audacity of accusing General Powell for supporting his own race instead of political issues, yet they are the ones that endorsing McCain simply just because of his history with the Viet Nam War instead of the issues. They even do it blatantly without even giving any explanation.

After reading these two articles, I could see why the older folks like our parents are supporting McCain. I don’t blame the parents because they get the false information from a magazine like this. I just tossed this cheap shit right into the recycle bin.