Eugene Nguyen, a Vietnamese-American blogger, shares his first post:

My father’s decision to vote against his party in supporting McCain-Palin ticket made me uneasy and angry. His vote is misinformed. His vote is based upon the skin color of a candidate not on “the content of their characters” or qualification. With just a glance at Michelle Obama, he exclaimed in horror why a presidential candidate’s wife looks so much like a “homeless” woman. He had not been following the campaign at all but readily supported the GOP platform. And with that, he influenced my mother’s vote.

Thanks for sharing such a personal account. We can’t blame them for the misinformation coming from our own community. A couple days ago, my mom called me and told me to vote for the “white man” not the “black man.” (She is not racist. She just doesn’t know their names.) I asked her for the reason and she said behind Obama is a handful of terrorists. I stayed calm and asked her where she found the information from. She was on the phone with my distant aunt who recently moved to Texas from Paris. My only reply was: are you going to listen to someone who is not even in the country for long and relying on SBTN for her source or your own son? Of course, my mom never listens to her own son.