The Man I Truly Respect

No, not McCain. I lost respect for him the day he lost his self-respect. The maverick who fought against his own party for the last twenty five years didn’t show up to campaign. Instead, he allowed his gang to run the circus. He just stands as a sidekick just because he wants to be the president so bad. He knows damn well that his time is running out and he can’t make comeback in four more years. The consequence of the negative campaign to the irresponsible pick of Palin, McCain has lost most of the American’s respect.

I respect Obama enough to vote for him and “in Obama we trust” to restore what “in Bush we fucked” for the past eight years. I don’t know about your ass, but my ass is getting torn and I can’t take another four years of McCain/Bush tortures. So yes, I am ready for a change.

The man I truly respect, though, is my father in-law. He was a Viet Nam War veteran. He did his share in the reeducation camp. He experienced the hardship in Viet Nam after 1975 trying every job possible to raise his family. He was a teacher, but no longer capable of practicing it under the communist government. You could feel the pain he had gone through every time he talks about his past. Despite all that, he uses his intelligent and knowledge to vote for the candidate that qualify for the job.

In a political conversation between my father in-law and his brother in-law yesterday, I could tell that he made the decision based on his own research, observation and judgment. I didn’t say much in the conversation. I just sat back and listen although I did raised the question to his brother in-law who is his choice of president. His brother in-law disdains the communist to the bone and his answer was McCain because he was the “war hero.”

His brother in-law spends most of his time reading Vietnamese newspaper, but my father in-law gets his sources everywhere including the Internet. I was amazed at my father in-law’s articulate explanations of the candidates. He pointed out the history of McCain’s temper problem to his lack of economic knowledge to his pick of Palin. As a teacher himself, he compared the educational and intelligent level between the two candidates. The whole time I watched him, he mentioned nothing about race and his focus was on the issues not his tie to Viet Nam War. He doesn’t allow the past to overshadow his decision like many of his peers. He keeps his priority straight and that is what I truly respect and admired of the man.