McCain’s Comrade

Los Angeles Times‘s “John McCain Enjoys Wide Support in Vietnamese Communities“:

In the waning days of the presidential campaign, a team of McCain boosters — made up largely of former Vietnamese war veterans who are less concerned with Joe the Plumber than with the bonds forged in wartime — is trying to rally the vote in Orange County’s Little Saigon, the largest Vietnamese American community in the country.

Like McCain, the old, bitter, out-of-touch, Viet Nam War veterans in the Vietnamese community are still looking back into the past instead of looking forward into the future. The American economy is collapsing and it is effecting the entire world, yet all that these old folks care about is the thirty-three-year-old war. We all know that McCain is clueless about the economy. I am not sure what he can do for these folks since he is the one who supports the trade between the U.S. and the communist government despite the abuse of human rights in Viet Nam.

Let me not grab chopsticks by the bundle. Not all Vietnamese-American veterans are still in their war state of mind. Many veterans have moved on. Although the pain could not go away, they have restarted their new lives in America. This election is not about the Viet Nam War. We should vote for the one that could restore America, not for the one that used to fight in the same war. I don’t doubt that McCain was a war hero, but his ego and desperation to take over the White House have buried his dignity and integrity. The grumpy, hotheaded McCain today isn’t the honorable McCain he once was.