Random Thoughts

Racine, a wonderful colleague of mine, stopped me on my way to my stair-running routine just to point out how chubby I was when I first started at GW. Photo doesn’t lie, I guess. Yes, I still run up those steps everyday, but no longer running down after hearing how anh Trong had ruined his knees. I try to walk as slowly and as softly as I could.

I switched my jogging from the morning to evening. I wanted to do it in the morning, but it is still dark as hell at 6:30am. I do it after work to unwind my mind. I need to be revived to cook rice, wash dishes and prepare my salad. Doesn’t it sound like a typical married man in the States?

Yes, I still have my homemade salad with grilled chicken and low-calorie dressing for lunch everyday. My wife had given up on the salad. I am also a smoothie freak. I gotta have my smoothie at night after a meal. I am trying to convince my wife to get me a Blendtec, but she has not agree to it. How can you not like Blendtec? It even blended an iPhone.

Dana and I saw a house last Saturday. The place is not all that great, but in a good neighborhood. These days, the damn neighborhood is more important than the home you live in. I used to live in a bad neighborhood and went to poor school where all the white kids were in AP classes while black, Spanish and a few Asians were in normal classes. I didn’t fuck up and so my kids won’t either. Then again, I don’t want to risk their future. Better be safe than be sorry.

Anyway, I didn’t like the house much, but I would live. The house is actually owned by the listing agent who bought the place last month for a foreclosure price of $280,000. She resells it for $400,000. She listed on the market for three days and already had a couple contracts. Can you believe it? She makes $120,000 profit in a month. Damn. That is some serious investment.