Lunch With Friends

I had a great pleasure of meeting anh Trong and chi Ha for the first time as well as anh Hai once again. Over “bo Nuong vi,” “lau do bien” and “ca kho to” at Viet Royale, we had a fantastic time together.

Anh Trong who has written “McCain vs. Obama” is a fascinating man. He is very articulated and not afraid to speak out his opinion—something we have in common. In his own word: “I see in you a younger self with a bit of bravado about your opinions on music, and now, politics.” If you want to learn about the financial market, anh Trong is the guy to talk to. His wife is also a very nice lady. It’s true that behind every successful man is a woman. I have to learn from their experience on how to raise kids effectively with both languages.

As for anh Hai, he is not only my buddy but my wife’s as well. We have met several times already over lunch and bun mam. Anh Hai is a very humble man and we have always enjoyed his company. Through him, I have a chance to meet some wonderful folks as well, like his sweet sister and chi Minh Nguyet. Where is our man Ducster?

Come to think about it. has given me opportunities to meet some fine individuals that I wouldn’t have met other wise. Someday I hope to meet everyone who has been here frequently. Thu Hoai and I clicked instantly after we met and she sang at my wedding. I almost get a chance to see Joseph, but the timing didn’t work out. If you come to DC again, holler at me as soon as you get here. TTBlue promised me he’ll make some banging “bo luc lac” when I go to Seattle. I still hold you on that one, man.

PS: My wife just reminded me that I also met the love of my life through and we have married for five months. Wow, five months already? That was fast.