Pho Binh Dan in Eden

Friday evening after work, Dana and I didn’t feel like cooking so we headed toward Eden for some Vietnamese food. We wanted to be a bit more adventurous, so we decided to check out a new place. We spotted a big yellow grand-opening banner with the words “Pho Binh Dan” and “50% off” next to it. We almost gave it a try.

As we walked toward the restaurant, we heard karaoke-singing blasting. Inside, the place was filled with cigarette smell. Although it said “Pho Binh Dan,” the restaurant felt more like a drinking (nhau) spot. We thought we went to a wrong restaurant, but the waiter already greeted us. There were only two tables filled with drinkers enjoying some sort of BBQ or hotpot. He gave us a signal that we could sit at any empty table. We tried to pick a table with minimal karaoke noise, but there was no escape. He asked us if we wanted Pho. I nodded my head while thinking isn’t this a pho place? He handed us the menu and told us that he had to check in the back and see if they still have Pho. I looked at the menu and they offered nothing but Pho. The guy went to the back to the kitchen, went back and sat at one of the drinking table without even confirming us that they still had pho or not.

Five minute went by, another waitress who would qualify for a Hooter chick come up to take our order. At this point, I couldn’t take the loud music any more so I told her we’re going to go somewhere else quieter. She said, “No problem, we ran out of Pho anyway.” Our little adventure was not a success, so we went to our usual Thanh Truc for Bun Bo Hue.

I am not sure how they could run a business under such a lousy management, but I am pretty sure if this is the way they run their business, the grand opening will turn into grand closing soon.