Do Bao – Thoi Gian De Yeu

Do Bao’s Thoi Gian De Yeu features way too many vocalists. The record is all over the place like a compilation of songs rather than a well-crafted concept. If Do Bao worked closely with just one singer, preferably Nguyen Thao, and focused on one or two styles, preferably blues and jazz, the result would have been tighter and more coherent.

Out of all nine vocalists, Nguyen Thao seems to be the most suitable singer for Do Bao’s lovely melodies and romantic lyrics. She has a gorgeous voice—sweet and slightly gravel—and she could maneuver her way around the pop-jazz arrangement on both the title track and “Nhung Khuc Troi Khac.” Nguyen Ngoc Anh is another mesmerizing vocalist who gives an intoxicating rendition of the bluesy “Chim Trong Muon Thuo.”

Ho Quynh Huong is a return guest from the first album and she opens with the listenable “Buc Thu Tinh Thu 4.” It seems as if Do Bao is obsessed with his love letters. One or two is enough; three or four is a little bit too much, unless he has four different lovers. Ha Tran also returns with two tracks and only “Cau Tra Loi” is passable. The other guests—Tung Duong, Thanh Lam, Le Hieu, Tan Minh and Huy Pham—aren’t contributing anything worthy.