Great Comment

I am glad to see someone who shares some of my views on politic, but could express them much better than I can. Nhien made such a great comment that I have to turn it into a post. You can read the entire piece here, but here is the highlight:

For us Vietnamese, many are still trapped in the bottom, most are still lower middle-class. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve done well in the short 33 years. Asia Productions and to some extend Thuy Nga have done a nice job in presenting this idea. I have done well myself in my current position. The truth is however if we look around we would immediately know that we, as a group, have a way to go. We need to help each other.

For me, voting for McCain and the Bush policy, or the any with an Republican ideology isn’t going to help our cause. They will in no way help level the playing field for the little people. Vietnamese veterans are turning a blind eye to the true issues at hand which is their own interest, social security, and. Worst yet, for some, simply just because Obama is black, they will choose not to vote for him. I find this is quite unfortunate. People don’t choose the color of their skin. Did we choose to be Vietnamese? We are Vietnamese. I think fate chose us. We came from a country with great people with great moral. We should be and have every reason to be proud.

There have been so much that are already documented in college libraries everywhere on the “white-privilege” issue where whites will tend to get a preference treatment. “When does this white-privilege happen?” you asked. In an elevator, in a court, on a bus, in a store, down the street, in renting, in selling, in buying, in hiring, those are some of the when’s. Most these are unspoken but I think we all know instinctively they exist and research back this up. Yes, we should never apply a reverse discrimination. However, the matter is if one thinks just because he is white he is going to be better and/or if he is black, he is undeserving is simply wrong. I am not implying that any one reading this might be thinking that way, but I do imply that some of our parents and uncles do think that way.

In the end, I admire Obama for what he has been able to do despite of everything. He endured all discriminations and has the capacity of hope to stand above it all! He has broken through many ceilings on purely his own merit and Hoang was kind enough to point out one of them.

On November 4th, perhaps Obama will get a chance to break through the highest ceiling of all. If he does this time, he wouldn’t have done it alone. He would know that it was people like Lincoln, Park, and Dr. King that paved the way for him. His grandparents, his mom, and others have nurtured him. Millions of others would have also believed in him and would have joined him.

I think it would be extremely sad for this country if a person like Obama was lose the election as a result for the mere the color of his skin. I hope this country is better than that. In reverse, I think it would be a great day for America to know if this country is above all that. And that you, I, and our children, if they too have hope, faith, and work hard enough, can achieve them all.

Like many others, I have been skeptic about politicians and the political process. It was not until this election that Obama drew me in and say that I too can make a difference.

In this election, Obama stands as beacon of hope for me, for us – yellow, black, white, and red. He serves as the best man to stand up for Vietnamese cause and people from everywhere in all walks of life. We were outcaste once not long ago as refugees. This country openly took us in. We love this country. This country however is in turmoil. It needs us in return. We in turn need a leader, a person like Obama to help bring about true change. America needs him. This world needs him. Your children and my children will need him. If you haven’t already, wouldn’t you join Donny and I and many others in this fight for a better America and a better world through this election? It is much too important to stay on the sideline.

Thanks a bunch.

Thanks Nhien.