Presidential Debate

Through the first presidential debate, Obama has stepped up his game. Thanks to Hillary Clinton for the challenge she prepared him with during the primary. McCain, as predicted, was aggressive, but I was not surprised that Obama could handle the pressure after seeing him face to face with the intolerant O’Reilly. Obama handled the jabs by remained cool under attacks. McCain came strong, but Obama stayed focus and he responded directly to his opponent by looking straight in his eyes, whereas McCain seemed to look down to his opponent.

The vice presidential debate is going to be an interesting one. If not careful, Biden could come off mean or even sexist toward Palin. Beating Palin in debate shouldn’t break a sweat from Biden. Palin is clueless; therefore, he should focus on the issues, go straight at McCain and skillfully ignore her. If he could accomplish those three aspects, he could kill two birds with one stone. Not only he could knock out the debate, but also landing some punches at her running mate.