Rooting for Obama

By now you probably could tell that I am rooting for Obama. I was going to wait until the debates to make up my mind, but I simply have enough of the little games McShame and his McMILF are playing. I am sick of all the lies, hypocrisies and the mean attacks they have put on to get the votes. Most important of all, McMILF’s evil speech is still creeping me out. Although she is running for VP, you’ll never know. You’ll better pray for McCain’s health if he’ll get elected. I can’t even begin to imagine her in power. And no, I am not a misogynist. I would back Clinton any time.

As for Obama, I like the way he stays focused even though McCain tried to make some distractions with the lipstick and the sex education. Now that is the president we need.

Bonjour Vietnam