Paris by Night 93: Celebrity Dancing

What makes Celebrity Dancing entertaining is that singers don’t have to lip-synch if they don’t want to. They just have to dance. Before the show, I could see why they picked Nguyen Hung and Shanda Sawyer as judges. After the show, I could figure out why they picked Khanh Ly and Duc Huy. They were on the panel to provide comic releases. Among the judges, Sawyer gives the most invaluable criticisms from the way she compliments on the technical skills to body chemistry to facial expression.

Mad props go out to Huong Lan and Huong Thuy. They made my jaw drop, especially Huong Lan. I couldn’t even imagine she could pull it off the way she did. Mai Tien Dung got his swing on. He was such a lovely puppy. Minh Tuyet was hot in Salsa. She knows how to work her assets. Still the one that leaves me breathless is the mambo MILF Khanh Ha. Her dress was sexy and she has the groove as well as the attitude. He spanked her ass and she returned with a slap. Don’t mess with hot mama. Furthermore, her rendition of “Mambo Italiano” is gorgeous. She has the Italian accent down pretty well.

Mad kudos goes out to all the professional dancers too. They have done a great job of turning some of these singers whose feet have no rhythm into some viewable performances. Well, maybe not Tran Thai Hoa. The dude simple can’t dance. But when you watch the chick who was Luong Tung Quang’s partner, you just have to say: God bless dancing.