Blue Pearl Buffet

After work we both starving and craving for some seafood, so we decided to skip cooking and go to a Chinese seafood buffet. Our friends recommended Blue Pearl, which located close by Springfield mall, over our favorite Green Olive, so we wanted to check it out.

First impression of the setting is much nicer than the ghetto style at Green Olive. The food selection is somewhat similar, but not at good. The main drawback is that the hot food aren’t kept hot and the cold food aren’t kept cold. So everything is pretty much warm, but the major disappointment is that the seafood isn’t as fresh as Green Olive’s.

I was disappointed that Blue Pearl didn’t have grill shrimp like Green Olives. I also really miss the ice cold, big, fresh, raw oysters at Green Olive. So we’ll stick to the ghetto buffet not only for the food, but also for the closeness to our apartment.