Weekend Recap

Friday I went to the DMV to get a new license. (I think my wife lost it when we bought some drugs.) The man behind the counter was so friendly that we had a bit of a causal conversation. He asked me where I work and followed up with the most frequented asked question, “Are you a professor?” I replied, “No, just a web designer.” To my surprised he complemented, “Web design is not a just. It’s big.” He really made my day. Visiting a DMV not so bad at all.

Saturday we spend the entire day with my family and celebrated Samantha’s ninth birthday. She is such big girl now with a big appetite. Watching her eat is a joy. She could clean up a regular bowl of Pho and an avocado shake with no problem. Our typical weekends have mostly spent with our families, and we alternate between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I can’t even look at our credit card’s monthly bill just for eating out and gas for the weekends.

Sunday we drove back to Virginia for house hunting and only one out of eight looked decent. I am getting tired of looking at houses, but also feeling bad for our agent for putting up with us. If we want to see fifteen houses, she would take us to fifteen houses. She just had a knee surgery and couldn’t take us, but still making sure that her husband is taking us. Real estate is quite a job.