10 Favorite Vietnamese Ballad Albums

Being sick allows me to relax and revisit 10 of my favorites albums.

10. Nguyen Khang’s Trinh Ca: While there are tons of Trinh Cong Son album, this one feels so closed and personal because of Nguyen Khang’s raw voice and straight-to-the-heart delivery.

09. Quang Ly’s Noi Nho Mua Dong: His charming voice and unique delivery of the timeless ballads are hard to resist.

08. 5 Dong Ke’s Tu Tinh Ca: These girls know how to turn popular ballads into intoxicating a cappella style.

07. Thanh Lam’s Tu Su: This album was the pre-Le Minh Son era and Thanh Lam’s voice was hypnotizing without belting.

06 Hong Nhung’s Doan Khuc Thu Ha Noi: Listening to this album is like taking a musical tour of Ha Hoi. It’s a perfect concept album.

05. Tung Duong’s Chay Tron: Beside the mesmerizing bossa nova title track and the deep blues “Trang Khat,” the album showcases Tung Duong’s various styles.

04. Duc Tuan’s Doi Mat Nguoi Son Tay: Duc Tuan has done fabulous job of covering Pham Dinh Chuong’s tunes by giving them a fresh vibe.

03. Thuy Vu’s Thang Sau Troi Mua: I could listen to his deep, gentle, charming baritone all day. When will the next album drop?

02. Ngoc Khue’s Giot Suong Bay Len: Ngoc Khue has a musical style of her own and this album is like no others. It’s simply jaw-dropping.

01. Tuan Ngoc’s Giot Le Cho Ngan Sau: Here is a perfect album from song choices to arrangements to deliveries. Just amazing.