IKIA’s Crayfish Party

My sister-in-law left us two admissions for IKEA’s annual crayfish party before she and her husband went to Mexico for their honeymoon. Yesterday my wife and I attended and cleaned up about five or six plates of jumbo crayfish served cold in Swedish style. The crayfish are so big and meaty that they tasted as good as the lobster tails. The meatballs were also delicious. It was definitely worth $10 per person. The only thing that missing was a pitcher of beer. They did served non-alcohol sparkling wine, which was not so bad.

Although the party was not too crowded, half of the people are Asians. I thought I ate a lot. A Chinese couple sat next to us must have 10 full plates, and they were mad skinny. We couldn’t keep up with them. We finished up the party with a blazing apple pie and a cup of Swedish coffee. Walked around IKEA to digest our food and felt in love with some of its kitchen, bedroom setups. We can’t wait to get our own home.

Big thanks to the sister-in-law and her husband for a wonderful treat. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for the party next year.