The In-Law Wedding

My sister-in-law’s wedding turned out beautiful. The reception at Flanders Valley was wonderful. The food at the cocktail was way better than the main course. They also had an open bar, but only served wine and beer. I was hoping for some nice mix drinks. The Mimosa (champagne and orange juice) didn’t do me any good even though it was refreshing.

Thu Hoai and the Magic Night brought a magical experience once again. Both families and friends seemed to have a good time. I had a blast. After six, seven or eight glasses of wine, I was drunk enough to do a little song (“Sau Dong”) that I didn’t even remember the lyrics. Thanks to Dong, one of the band’s male vocalists, for helping me out. I can’t recall what the hell I was doing.

What made the whole atmosphere so lively was that it was just a whole a family. After spending a weekend with the folks on my wife’s side, I have to say, she has such a great loving and very supporting family. They are so friendly and down to earth. I feel so much integrated into the entire clan both young and old. It’s just a great feeling being part of a big joy. I am so looking forward to the next family gathering.

Now that both of the sisters are married, everyone is waiting for the oldest brother to make his move. He is quite a charmer and he is still single. Any single ladies want to join the clan? I can hook you up. What is my commission? Just a roasted pig head.