Lunch at Brasserie Beck

As I was about to grab something quick for lunch, my wife called to come over for lunch. I quickly looked up a place special to take her. Brasserie Beck came to mind. This Belgium cuisine is the place that I could not get a reservation on the weekend before 10pm. So I figure I could get it on a Wednesday lunch. I made a reservation, picked her up at the Metro, and we walked twelve blocks to get to 1101 K Street.

The place was pretty busy for a Wednesday afternoon. I ordered a roasted rabbit in Kriek beer and she went for a pan-seared fillet of salmon with curry fennel sauce. We ordered two fruit beers, St. Louis Kriek (cherry flavor) and Floris Pomme “Apple.” They have a nice taste, but each is $12 a pop. The rabbit tasted pretty much like chicken, and the sauce was simply plain. Her salmon was just grilled and sat on top of the curry sauce.

Nothing stood out except the bill. We had an eighty-dollar lunch. If I were to have a choice, I would rather settle for Hai Duong’s bun mam or Thanh Truc’s bun bo hue. I am still glad my wife came over to have lunch with me though.