I used to love Chinese TV series, particularly the martial art episodes like The Legend of Condor Heroes. Not only the flying fantasies, but also the pure romances were captivating. The most intimacy moment is when a girl placed her face on a man’s chest and he held her around his arms.

In the early days in the States, I didn’t have the luxury of TV and VCR. So I used to go to my cousin’s house, which is a block from my apartment, to glue myself to the TV instead of learning English, especially in the summertime when I didn’t have anything to do. My cousin ran an oriental grocery store downstairs and lived upstairs. So it was quite convenient to hang out. I just went upstairs, popped in the tape and enjoyed myself.

One summer my cousin’s brother got divorced and moved back into the house. He stayed at the room where the TV and VCR were. Like usual, I went into the room to kill my time with those Chinese tapes, but there was a tape still stayed in the VCR. So I just pressed played and my whole life changed forever.

The movie began with a girl wearing short skirt strolling down the street in her roller skate along with the 70s music. She stopped by a house and peeped into a crack. Behind the wall, a man and a woman appeared naked. As they were kissing, she moved down toward his private part. I was shocked when she put the whole thing into her mouth. The camera switched back to the peeping girl as she started to rub her breasts. Back into the hot action, the couple switched turn. He started to lick her G-spot.

I have never seen anything like this before except when she bent over and he stroked himself in behind her. I saw two dogs did that several times in Viet Nam. At this point, the skating girl already worked her way down into her private area with her fingers. My most outrageous reaction was when he shot all over her face. I didn’t even know what that white stuff was.

I was panicking and hoping my cousin wouldn’t go upstairs. Part of me wanted to watch more, but part of me didn’t want to get caught. I rewind the tape back to where I first saw the clip so that no one knew I was watching it. I ran straight home and the only things played on my mind were those graphical actions. I even had a fever. That was the first time I was exposed to pornography.