Bad Eric

Little Eric took the key to his dad’s van, drove in the middle of the street, parked the van and ran back into the house. No one in the house noticed except for the neighbor. The police was called and now his dad has to go to court. The story shook me for a second and it takes me back to my own obsession with car.

I was much older than Eric though, maybe twelve or thirteen. I wanted to experience how driving felt like. At that time I was still living in my aunt’s house. It was in the summertime, everyone went to work and I was home alone. So was the van and I knew exactly where the key was. I took the key, started up the ignition, put my foot on the brake paddle, geared in reverse and let the van moved. It was such a guilty pleasure. I stopped the van drove upward and then back for a couple of time. It felt good, but I wanted to hit the street. Luckily I didn’t have the gut to do so.

Like me, little Eric has always been fascinated with electronics. Unlike me Eric has a much stronger personality or he is just too young to understand the consequence. I am lad that he stopped the van and ran back inside the house. So he does have some fear in him. Lord knows what would happen if he drove on. My sister was at work or else she would whipped him. I am thankful that he didn’t get hurt.