The Anal of Commute

With the soaring gas prices, more people are hopping on the train. During the peak time, taking the Metro in and out of DC is quite a hassle. When I got into the station last Friday, the passengers already packed the platform waiting for the late trains. I knew this was not going to be a good ride. My train boarded and everyone cramped in like sardines. I was standing in front of a white woman with big tits and behind a black guy. As the train started to take off, the engine stalled because the doors wouldn’t shut tight. The Metro driver had to ask people to stand clear off the doors. Every time the train stalled, the lady’s tits rubbed my back. I tried to move up to avoid the contact, but I was faced with a big ass in front of me. I was stuck and all that I could do was praying the lord not to make me hard.