Respect Doesn’t Come With Age

The comments from my post regarding to the little incident with Samantha has taken off into another direction. So let’s talk about respect.

First thing first, I haven’t bothered to response to an Anonymous because I don’t feel that I get the respect from someone who doesn’t leave a name. Just put down something. Dickhead is fine.

So now we have a female teacher who witnessed her sixth grade students yelled at their parents and the parents just sat back. How old are sixth graders? And isn’t that the age kids most often misbehaved?

Samantha now is in her 3rd grade and I am proud to say that she is very well behaved. Thank you. I do teach my niece the proper respect. Even if I don’t, my sister does, and she is very strict about it.

Let me also clear up the confusion. Samantha was frightening and didn’t want me to come near her, which was understandable. I was careless and caused her to fall. She was sure mad at me, but I didn’t feel the disrespect. At three or four, the poor little kid knew a few words to express herself and “go” was one of them. If I were to tell her to go do her homework and she yelled back at me. That is disrespect.

Respect goes both ways. I’ll respect someone older than me because he earned it, not because of his age. If he’s older than me and shows me no respect, why should I give him my respect?

One time an old man was cursing my mom out because of some friction between his wife and my mom at work. He used the words “du me” toward my mother, and he was younger than my mother. I asked him nicely not to use those two words when addressing my mom and he told me that he could say whatever he wanted. Of course, I cursed the motherfucker back. If he didn’t give a fuck, why should I?

You want respect? You better earn it.

Bonjour Vietnam