Something Will Never Forget

Is there a particular moment in the past that could never escape your mind? Hopefully when I write it down I could move on. I am not sure how long ago it was, but I could remember it like yesterday.

Samantha was about three or four. I took her to a mall and she walked right into the arcade. She pointed to a motorcycle racing game that actually had an emulated motorcycle. I picked her up and put her on the bike. In a split second, the bike moved to a side caused her to fell off. It wasn’t that high, but she might have hit her head or something.

I was terrified. She got up, ran out the arcade and cried with anger. I went after her, but she pointed at me and screamed, “Go away!” I was speechless, hurt and at the same time wanted to break that fucking game up. How could I explain to a little girl what just happen? I completely lost her trust.

She continued to walk upstairs and ordered me to stay behind. Of course, I couldn’t let her go by herself. I followed her and tried to calm her down. I couldn’t remember what I said or what I did, but she suddenly ran toward me and hugged me. I picked her up, held her in my arms and said sorry. Somehow she understood, nodded her head, and stopped crying. I was almost in tears. She still trusted her careless uncle.

I don’t think she still remembers that moment, but it has stuck in my head forever. Although she is growing up mighty fast, she still is, and will always be, a sweet little angel inside my heart.

Bonjour Vietnam