Emotional Rollercoaster

A seven-year-old girl sat in the car with tears in her eyes. I asked her what’s wrong. She didn’t answer, but her mom told me that she felt sad because it was her last day of school and she missed her class. “She’s a very emotional her,” her mother added. I used to be like that. Maybe I still am today. Whether it was a summer camp, a classroom or a bunch of friends hang out, I got attach to the people around me and felt sad after we dismantled. But life and circumstances will make you move on.

Move on is easier said than done. I have a hard time moving on, especially when I make the wrong decisions that evolve emotions. During our trip to her parent’s house yesterday, I was having a conversation with my wife about a decision I made for to our wedding. I didn’t think before I acted and it ended up not only cost me more money than I had tried to save, but also cracked our little bond. Maybe my wife was right. I was being to hard on myself. I was not doing anything wrong, I just think too much.

Yes I do think too much. Three weeks have passed and I still hear nothing from my best friend who didn’t show up to my wedding, and I left ten messages on his phone. I understand if he couldn’t make it, but at least give me a call. (My dad couldn’t make it either, and I forgave him even though his reason was too old to travel.) I guess people change. He was my homey back in middle school and we did everything together. As much as I felt dissed, I am willing to put it behind. All it takes is a fucking phone call, man.

The mother of the little girl who cried in the car is my realtor agent. We get to know her through my wife’s sister. This is the first time I have ever dealt with an agent; therefore, I have no clue how good or evil an agent is. But this lady had spent almost a year in finding our sister’s house. What I like most about this agent is that she never pushes you in buying any house. No matter how many places you want to see or how many times you want to see a particular home, she never refuses. By now we must have seen over fifty houses and every time I called to go look at places, she has not once say she is busy at that time. Anytime we want to put it an offer, she would prepare the paperwork as fast as she could even if she goes on vacation. Folks had told me to go with a Vietnamese agent so that we can get a certain cash back, but we chose the Spanish lady for her work ethnic and honesty. I have a lot of respect and admiration for her. of course, I will miss her once she gets us our house, and I am positive that things will go smoothly with her until then. Thanks for being such a wonderful agent and we definitely appreciate all of your hard work.

Just in case you ask, there is no point to my story. I am just spitting words out of my head so I won’t think about them.