The Korean Cake Store

Although the sign said cake and other stuff, the store has anything but cake. It’s sort of like a small grocery store with some snacks. Since we were the only two in the store, we might as well grab something to drink. I picked up two small cans of some kind of Korean sweet drink.

I went up to the counter and realized that I only have two dollars in my wallet. I asked the lady who is probably in her 60s how much are the drinks and gave her my two bucks. She couldn’t speak a word of English. I told her to write down the price for me. She wrote down a one, a Korean word next to it and a five underneath the word. I couldn’t understand what it meant. I asked the helper who were about her age, and the other didn’t know a word either. So I guessed it was one fifty. I told her I just want one drink then and put back the other one. She didn’t open the register, but pulled out three quarters from her pocket. She kept looking at the quarters and still didn’t give me my change.

A customer who was a younger Korean walked in and the lady at the counter said something to her. I asked the younger lady how much are the drinks and she didn’t speak English either. In the mean time the lady was still counter her quarters. I finally told them to forget about it. I didn’t want the drink anymore. Sorry.