Blog Burns

As you can see for the past two weeks, I have been posting quick thoughts and links on the right side bar via Twitter. That way I can reserve the blog for longer posts. It works well except for two problems. First, Twitter has been tremendously slow due to the increase of twits and users. It also takes while to load on my page. The second problem is much more important. My Google Ads take a huge drop because of the lacking in blog posts. Twitter makes quick posts so much easy though so I am still weighing the advantages and disadvantages between the two.

These days I hardly have anything to blog. My marriage life is so far so good. I eat right and sleep pretty well; therefore, no dramas to write about. I am also getting tired of reviewing Vietnamese music. Looking back at my archive for the past two years, not so many albums I get a positive review. In fact, these reviews make me sound like a harsh prick. There are no innovators like Tung Duong and Ngoc Khue that get me excited anymore. I am just going to wait until I come across something that worth writing about, or else I am not even going to bother anymore.