Going Freelance

Now that the wedding is out of the way, I would like to focus on my passion by going freelance. Of course, I still hold on to my daytime job. Although I love what I do at George Washington University, I am somewhat limited by its established design. I do have room for creativities, but my main responsibility are to keep all the sites update and consistent. It actually works out great for me. Now I can fulfill my fulltime duty and still have creative space for other projects.

When I was still at Vassar, I received quite a bit of inquiries for freelance opportunities, but I had to turn them down because Vassar required tremendous creative effort like working on the banners on the homepage, small banners on the Infosite, and redesigning each department web site to have a unique look and feel—not to mention the entire homepage gets a new look every week or so. My current position doesn’t require too much design, but it does require time and energy. So in order to balance out my time and design, I would like to take on smaller freelance work with much more creativities. Of course, I wouldn’t turn away any exciting opportunity, but I would like to concentrate on quick content and more on design. I have two areas I would like to go into.

The first one is wedding site. After doing a site for my own, I felt the site is such a wonderful complement to the entire package. The site turned out not only a fantastic piece of memory, but also very informative. On the homepage, I have a slideshow of our photos. I used our engagement photos before the wedding to drive friends and family to the site. Once they get there, I layout the entire agenda so they know what to expect. If they need accommodation, I have some hotels listed near by our houses as well as the reception place. I also included our Love Notes so they read about our story and listen to our music. But what I love most about the site is that I already have our wedding photos uploaded and ready to share to our family and friends around the world just three days after the wedding. I am now working on my sister in-law and her future husband’s site. So if you are getting marry and would like a unique, elegant site, I can work with you.

The second one is for nail salon promotions. An old school friend of mine who now own a nail salon would like me to work on a site for him. Nothing has been official yet since I’ve been swamped with the wedding and everything, but I would love to branch into this sort of work. The site would be mostly visual and a few content like about, services, and maybe some special online coupons.

I am actually just thinking out loud here. Will see how things go once I actually get some clients.

Bonjour Vietnam