Ho Ngoc Ha – Khi Ta Yeu Nhau

Sure, Duc Tri continues to collaborate with Ho Ngoc Ha even after they broke up, but does he give her a hundred percent of his effort? Hell no. Judging from her new and previous albums, he doesn’t give a shit. Can’t blame the guy though. Any dude would have done the same. Although he is not totally responsible for her new release, the least he could do was to give her some advice. Khi Ta Yeu Nhau is her lamest album up to date. Sort of like high-end restaurants with tasteless food, the productions are crisp and top-notch, but lack the flavors. Her voice is dark and raspy, but she sounds more sleepy than sexy. The lyrics are so banal that the only line sticks out after listening to eleven tracks is “Cho du anh khong cao lam / Ma trong anh rat duyen.” Thanks for throwing us shorties a bone.