Jamaica Honeymoon, Yeah Mon!

Our honeymoon in Jamaica was short but sweet. It gave us a chance to recuperate from the wedding. We didn’t do much except eat, drink, swim, a whole of sleep, and a whole lot more of activities that honeymooners come to do. Our inclusive package includes a nice crib in Negril Gardens, free meals at the fantastic restaurant, and all-you-can-drink at the bar that opens from ten to midnight. Best off all, these three essential places were right on the calm, gorgeous beach. Isn’t it a perfect place to be lazy or what?

The foods served at the Negril Gardens resort were delicious and they had theme nights including International, Oriental, Beach BBQ, Jamaican, Gala and Mexico. The drinks were fantastic. I had tried plenty of cocktails and my favorites were Hummingbird, Make My Day, Rum Runner, Come Again and, most of al, Lemonade and Rum. The bartender was awesome. In fact, Jamaican folks in general are friendly. Much respect, mon.

If I were to take one thing from this trip, it has to be the beach incident. Friday morning, my wife and I woke up at seven and we jogged along the beach. We took a little swim in the morning water before breakfast. While I was swimming, the wedding ring slipped right off my finger. I was frantic. This can’t happen to me, but guess who found the ring in the water? That’s right my lovely wife. I was about to give up because it was like “mo kim duoi dai bien” (Vietnamese phrase for “trying to find a needle in the ocean”). I felt awful after an hour of search and told my baby to forget about it and I’ll get a replacement as soon as we get back to America. But my baby didn’t want to get up and she actually found it. Isn’t that something?

The honeymoon had given us a bit of time to be recharged and ready to work into our future plans. We still have tons of work ahead of us. The immediate one is to pick up where we left of on the search for our house. My mom’s seventy-first birthday is next week and we will have a reception for her with about forty guests (mostly family members). I am very excited about it because she seems to be happy. We’re also looking forward to trip to Las Vegas with her sister and her husband after their wedding. (Her sister’s future husband is actually a very nice man. Him and I are getting along quite well and he was a great help for our wedding.) After that we’re planning on going back to Viet Nam to visit my dad. But for now, big props go out to her sister and her future husband for this exceptional wedding gift. You guys rock!