High School Fun

A high school classmate wrote on my Facebook Wall:

Multimedia design and web development? I KNOW you didn’t learn how to do that by playing “spades” at McCaskey!

All I did in class were playing spades with American friends, Tien Len with Vietnamese friends and about ten percent on real school work. That year the school system tried to do something a bit different to prepare us for “real work” project. So instead of going through the traditional class-by-class subjects, it was combined into a project where we had to do research and present our case study. I don’t even remember what we did, but our project has to incorporate math, English, biology, history and so forth. Bryce (my classmate) and I were partner so we knocked the project out in about a week and used the rest of the semester playing spades with two other guys.

At the time, I felt a bit guilty, but then they didn’t seem to care so was just like “fuck it.” I was afraid that my grades would slip and I didn’t get the “proper” education, but it turned out fine. If I were to do it over again, would I do it differently? Hell no. I feel no regret about it. I don’t even know why kids drop out of high school, because you really don’t have to do much and still not fail. Just show up in class and try to do something fun to pass the time.