Viet Bistro’s Clay Pot

Viet Bistro seems like a nice hangout joint in the summer. The spot is kind of hip—actually it is the best decorated restaurant in Eden Center—and it opens later than most places in the strip. We were there last night around 9:30 after a long evening of going through the contract. I ordered the Clay Pot Rice with Baby Clams (Com Tay Cam Hen) and a Long Island Ice Tea, and they were the perfect combos to cool off the night. The portion was huge and I was going to save half of it for today’s lunch but the crunchy rice and mild spicy baby clams were irresistible; therefore, I shoved down everything while enjoying the Cleveland and Celtics on three large-screen TVs. The alcohol in the Long Island also enhanced the flavor. It was only last night and I can’t wait to go back for another pot already.