Asia 58 – La Thu Tu Chien Truong

As long as Asia Entertainment still around, the war will forever be reminded. Its new release, La Thu Tu Chien Truong (Letters From Battle Fields), conceptualized around the theme that the production has beaten to death already; therefore, it would be pointless to hear what the MCs had to contribute.

Musically speaking, the show only had two or three standout performances. It’s about time Asia brought a real talent on board. Not all that physically attractive, but Bich Van (whose voice mesmerized me two years ago) gave an exceptional rendition of Pham Dinh Chuong’s “Anh Di Chien Dich.” She hit the high notes right on the spot and her enunciation was flawless. By the time she finished, there was no room left for Y Phuong to match up. It’s the musical director’s fault for the unfair pairing. Bich Van’s performance should have been grouped with Nguyen Hong Nhung’s version of Hoang Trong’s “Nguoi Tinh Khong Chan Dung.” Again, Nguyen Hong Nhung was so damn hypnotizing that she left Thien Kim out in the cold. Nguyen Hong Nhung looked great too, but the sexiest chick of the show went to the new-but-blazing-hot Ho Hoang Yen. If there were a dress (military-inspired color with plenty of open space to display cleavage) like what she had on in the army, there will be a lot of jerking off in the boot camp. What song was she singing anyway?

That’s all I could walk away with from the show. The rest were just same old shit.