Mariah Carey – E=MC2

Mariah Carey’s new album E=MC2 uses the same formula from her big success The Emancipation of Mimi: party first; pray later. Although the same ingredients were applied, E=MC2 sounds more generic than her previous work.

The album kicks off with a club-friendly “Migrate,” a Jermaine Dupri production, in which her voice and guest appearance T-Pain’s were digitally distorted. Both of their vocals are equally annoying. In addition to JD, she also brings in hitmakers like Swiss Beatz and Scott Storch on board to assist with the production, yet what the album is lacking is octave-grabbing Carey. “I Stay In Love” sounds robotic until near the end where Carey battles out with Carey on the simultaneous low and high vocals.

Like her previous effort, Carey likes to crossover to give her music more flavors. On here, her collaboration with dope-rapper Young Jeezy is much more effective than with reggae-crooner Damian Marley. Jeezy actually puts his crack tales aside and offers Carey some words of advice as she deals with the “Side Effect” her ex-husband left her with.

After all the bumps and grinds and dramas, Carey closes out the album with “I Wish You Well,” in which she flights her high range over the accompanying piano with a gospel choir backing her up. Still E=MC2 couldn’t hold up to Mimi, but more like leftover from Mimi.