Stairway to Weight Loss

In three months I have lost almost twenty pounds thank to the stairways at work. My office is located on the fourth of the six-floor building. When I first started my job, I noticed that most people take the elevators more than the steps. Since the steps and the elevators are opposite from each other, the steps are always less busy. As a result, I use my feet more than my finger (to press the elevator button). Then one day I realized that why not use the stairway to exercise? This is something I have never tried before. Little did I know it turned into my exercise routine (at least for now).

Since not too many people uses the stairway, I was able to do what I have to do without people thinking there is some nutcase running up and down the building. At two o’clock each day, I would run up and down the building three times or about 525 steps both ways. The first round I run every step, starting from the top to bottom. When I run down the steps I could feel the fat drops in my gut. Running up requires more strength so I have to stretch when I reach the top. The second round I skip every other step when running up. The third round I alternate between the two. Just three rounds and twenty minutes, I sweat like a pig afterward.

Running steps not only helping me loose weight, but also helping me to stay awake after lunch. Usually by one o’clock I couldn’t stay awake. When people see me, they thought that the wedding is stressing me thin. I just nod and smile. So the stairway does work.