Past Weekend

Friday evening after work, we dropped by to Sea Side Crab House in Eden Center for some Louisiana crawfish for yet another celebration of my birthday (two dinners for being thirty ain’t so bad). Between four of us, we shared five pounds of crawfish, a fried calamari salad (Vietnamese style) and a pitcher of Heineken. The joint is fairly new so the waiters (probably owners as well) were extra nice to us to get the words out. It’s pretty much a “quan nhau” (drinking) type of place.

Saturday morning fiancée and I headed back to Lancaster to attend a friend’s wedding. We started off our trip looking for Pho to fulfill our cravings. The places nearby Alexandria didn’t open until 10. Using our GPS, we picked Pho 75, which located nearby University of Maryland, and it turned out pretty good. Then we stopped by Costco in Delaware (tax-free state) to pick up 20 cases of Heineken for the wedding. The trunk and the backseat were filled with beer. My sister thought I was nuts for buying that much. We haven’t pick out wine and champagne yet.

Saturday evening we went to the wedding. The groom invited all the kids he hangs out with, and most of them I knew back when I was still in Lancaster. So either they were loud and obnoxious or I am becoming an old fuck. Some of these kids—I call them kids because they’re a few years younger than me—are married with kids but they still act like, well, kids. The bride looked nice though.

Sunday morning we went back to the restaurant last night to order foods for my mom’s 71th birthday, which will be two weeks after the wedding. Thought that I will be off the hook after the wedding, but not so soon. It will be a nice family getting together and I am sure my mom will enjoy it.