Ray’s the Steak

What do I get for the big three oh? A big piece of steak. The ladies took me out to Ray’s the Steak, the place I have wanted to try but haven’t had a chance to, for my birthday. On the weekend, the earliest seat available is at 11pm. Ray’s doesn’t take reservations over the phone so you have to come in and wait. We went in today at 7:15pm and didn’t get the table until 8pm. The joint is small and really noisy, but the steak was not so bad. I ordered the signature: a 28-ounce “cowboy cut” rib eye with bone. The steak was big, raw, juicy, and tender and went well with a glass of pinot noir. Not a bad place for steak if you don’t mind the waiting and the loudness. Thanks to my lady for the treat.