Love aside I have great respect for the woman I am about to marry. Unlike me who has not been able to step out of the web-design territory, she has no fear in taking on new directions. From a chemical engineer who worked for a drug company, she steps up her game by becoming a patent examiner.

The requirements for an examiner are read, search and patience. The challenges are even more crucial for the beginners. Her day starts from six in the morning to five or six at night. At home she spends her evening prepare dinner and next-day lunch for all three of us. (Of course I try help out too by cooking the rice, cleaning the vegetables, and washing the dishes. I can’t just sit at the TV and drinking beer while she does all the work. My conscience wouldn’t allow me to do that.) After dinner she would get back to her case until midnight.

With her hard work and determination, I have no doubt that she will become better at her job. Just watching her work makes me feel like a lucky bastard. How did I court such a fantastic girl? She is strong, witty and very mindful (a character I love most about her). So I shouldn’t be asking for anything more. I’ll try. I promise I will.