Jazz Competition

Jazz is a very competitive music, especially when two groups come together. At the jazz jam session at George Washington University today I witnessed the young cats butted head to head. Unlike the usual jam session, a band from Brubeck Institute was also in the house. The two horn lines joined force on the closing “Now is the Time” featured three trumpeters, two tenor saxophonists, and the rhythm section (drums, bass, guitar and keyboard). Each horn player took on a 2-bar solo. Once everyone did his part, each trumpet from each camp tried to car each other. One tried to play louder and floated more notes than the other. You can see the masculinity on these two guys’ face as they traded short passages. The one from GW camp did his usual shtick outplayed his opponent. The guy from BI came back at the last bar and they blew to the squeaking point. While all these macho sounds went on, the drummer who accommodated them all was a cute, dark hair (probably Spanish) girl. She kept the beat going and brought them back together at the end. This is what you get when you have all male player and one hot female drummer in one band.