Commencement and Real-Time Design

One of the advantages of working with an existed design is that you could kick out pages faster. I put together the Commencement page for the School of Business based on a secondary template, but I changed the layout a bit to give more room for the cheerful photos.

One of the strange but cool things about working at the School of Business is the design process. Unlike many sites, which wait until everything is completed to launch, we just put up whatever we get done. For instance, the homepage was launched before any other pages were done. I was surprised when my boss told me to just put up the homepage and continue to work on the interior pages. So we are replacing the old with the new as we go along. In a way, it makes sense because the web is always changing. Even if you wait until everything is complete (might be a year or two later), you still need to make changes later on. In other words, nothing on the web is set in stone.