Thuy Nga Paris By Night 91 – Hue Saigon Hanoi

Thuy Nga’s latest show, Paris By Night 91, takes viewers on yet another musical journey from Ha Noi, Hue to Sai Gon. The concept is being recycled like a plastic bottle, but if you have four hours to kill, you might enjoy the program. Most of the performances were decent; a few were memorable.

Khanh Ly’s “Bai Hat Danh Cho Nhung Xac Nguoi” was the most striking presentation of the show. Her powerful, soulful voice once again did Trinh Cong Son’s tune justice. The choreography added tremendous emotional impact to the song, particularly the moment when the female dancers in white ao dai floated off the men’s bodies. The motion was slow and lifeless. The performance left a few drops on many faces from the audience.

After the tear-jerking moment, the producers cleverly switched up the atmosphere with a skit comedy featured Chi Tai, Uyen Chi, Be Ti and Huong Thuy. Chi Tai had given one of his best routines. He cracked me the hell up, and his chemistry with Uyen Chi is right on. Be Ti, the cute shortie, was also up in her game. Her funniest word is “cat” (cut) in Hue accent.

Some of the snore-worthy performances are from Quang Dung, Tran Thai Hoa and Trinh Lam. Bang Kieu’s rendition of “Em Oi! Ha Noi Pho” was just passable. Even Thu Phuong’s version of “Huong Ve Ha Noi” was not so convincing. The arrangement didn’t do its job to support her vocals.