Getting Married

No, I am not talking about me again, but a friend of mine. How ironic is that I just invited him to my wedding a couple weeks ago and now he is getting married at the end of this month, which is even earlier than mine? I just found out about it today from my mom. Although I knew him way back from high school, we were not that close. Somehow my mom and his mom became like best friends when they worked together in the same factory. So him and I become closer because of our mom.

I congratulate him wholeheartedly, but I am not sure how he is going to get everything together by the end of this month when he hasn’t have his invitation together. Maybe I am just over stressing myself, but planning a wedding is a pain in the brain. Picking out the cards alone took so much time and energy. From Philly to DC, we checked out Vietnamese, Chinese and even American print shops. The ones we wanted, which were simple, elegant and classy, ran up to a thousand dollar. The average ones, which we didn’t like, were about six hundreds bucks. We didn’t want to drop a grant on the cards that will likely to be “discarded in the trash can,” but we didn’t want the ones we didn’t even like ourselves. So we ended up designed our own cards, which turned out to be even more stressful than I expected.

That’s just the invitations alone. I haven’t even delve into the food, the cake, the photography, the favors, the “Thank You” cards, the drinks, the dress, the tux, the hotels, the guests, the flowers, the bands (platinum is skyrocketing), the sticky rice, the roast pork, the tea, the liquor and the mentality. I sure can’t do all this shit all by myself. I am glad my future wife has always been there along with me in every step of the journey, although we bumped head on a few differences.

I am off on my own story again. My bad. Anyway, let me give a shout out to my buddy who is about the be locked down before me. Congrats, hommie.