The Puppini Sisters – The Rise & Fall of Ruby Woo

What makes the Puppini Sisters entertaining is their style of humor. On the sophomore release, The Rise & Fall of Ruby Woo, the sisters continue to do what they do best: covering well-known tunes with their own comical twist. Their version of Duke Ellington’s “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got Tha Swing)” is simply amusing. They added their distinctive touches to the swing rhythm like mimicking the “wah wah” trumpet with their vocals, altering the time, switching their scats, and throwing in some Italian Mambo. Beyonce’s biggest hit “Crazy In Love” gets a fresh new makeover from the sisters as well. The rhythm swings in double speed while the violin saws away in a country ho-down style. The only thing that missing is Jay-Z’s verse. Beside covering, their own tracks also stand out. “I Can’t Believe I’m Not a Millionaire” is a humorous blues and “Jilted” is funniest heart-broken tune you have ever heard.