Typographically Speaking: The Art of Matthew Carter

Matthew Carter’s works could be found in newsstand (Miller News), phonebook (Bell Centennial) and all over the web (Verdana, Georgia). He bridged the gap between traditional and digital typography. As Johanna Drucker pointed out in an essay from Typographically Speaking: The Art of Matthew Carter: “Take Carter’s letters out of our universe of words and that world would appear as gap-toothed as a field of corn in the aftermath of the eager attention of a flock of crows.” Carter’s types have been widely used for their functional, economical beauty. Typographically Speaking, which is published in conjunction with an exhibition with the same title, featured essays including Carter’s reinterpretation of the classic types and how he had integrated type with technologies. The book, which also showcases compelling graphic design pieces using Carter’s typefaces, is a wonderful gem for designers.